What should you consider when changing the windows in your home?

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What should you consider when changing the windows in your home?

Do the windows in your home allow heat to enter the interior? Do you feel cold in winter despite having the heating on? Does the noise of the street not let you rest?… If this is your case, perhaps the time has come to change the windows in your house and bet on efficient windows that offer insulation, both thermally and acoustically.

Replacing windows is an investment in the future. It should be done once or twice in a lifetime, so investing time in this decision is worth it. The process is not always straightforward: some questions need to be answered and factors to be resolved before completing your replacement. Next, we will give you some tips that will help you in the process of replacing your windows.

window composition

Knowing the different parts that make up a window is essential to making a good choice. The frame is, from the outset, a factor to which attention must be paid. It can be made of different materials: aluminum, PVC, wood, mixed… The solution lies in choosing the most appropriate quality material according to each case to guarantee the performance you are looking for. It is imperative to select the most appropriate glass for each need.

Glass represents about 80% of the surface of a window, and not all glass is the same, so choosing the most suitable one will be essential for your windows to guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation.

Today, window panes are “insulating glass units” or, as is commonly said, double or triple panes that are composed of two or three panes of glass, separated from each other by separating profiles that carry a substance (absorbent of humidity) that absorbs as much moisture as possible from the air inside the chamber.

Different types of glass can be incorporated in double glazing, resulting in different kinds of thermal insulation and solar control, protection against theft or impacts, or acoustic insulation, among others.

The manufacturing quality of these double glazing determines its correct functioning and is subject to European standards that guarantee its adequate production and quality control. This is the case for independent manufacturers operating under the Select brand.

Know and explain your needs well

Explaining to the professional why you decided to replace your windows is essential as a first step in the process. Knowing what you need and what new solutions are available on the market will help you to offer sound advice for the new windows and glass to choose from. Aspects such as the characteristics of your home, its orientation (south, north, east, or west), climate zone, sun exposure, air or noise intakes, humidity, safety requirements, risk of breakage, etc. are factors that a good window professional and glass expert will ask to recommend the best option.

What glass options are there?

Before the 70s, the windows only had one glass, resulting in very inefficient thermal insulation. From the 1980s onwards, technology developed double glazing with standard glazing, leading to improvements in this situation. But there is currently state-of-the-art glass to which a layer is applied and improves thermal insulation and solar control performance.

Changing windows in a condominium

Condos require certain aesthetic requirements from all neighbors who want to change their windows. Therefore, bearing in mind that windows are common elements, it is advisable to consult your condominium.

Does changing windows imply work permission?

The need for authorization to carry out works depends on several factors, such as whether there are changes to the external appearance or the complexity of the work. However, it is advisable to consult the requirements regarding works permits to replace windows in the responsible bodies in each municipality, since the understanding of the rules may vary depending on the different regions of the country.

Installers are usually aware of this type of authorization, so it is recommended that you look for an experienced professional capable of guiding you through the process.

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