What kind of glass do I like?

What kind of glass do I like
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What kind of glass do I like?

Are you planning to replace the windows in your house and don’t know which glass to choose? Do you have questions about the type of glass that suits you best? We understand that the selection process is not simple. Therefore, here are some of the key factors that you should take into account when choosing the right glass for your home’s windows.

Climate conditions

It is important to take into account the orientation of the windows, as all those that are exposed to solar radiation need reinforced thermal insulation glass with solar control and high transmission of natural light, such as Windows Near You .

Save energy

Whatever your home’s energy consumption, there are effective solutions to improve thermal insulation and help reduce heating and air conditioning consumption .

Surrounding noise level

In an apartment located in the center of a large city, you will need glass that also offers soundproofing. The same, for example, for the glass of a bedroom window, where peace and tranquility are essential for a good rest.

In these cases, it is most convenient to choose laminated acoustic glass, which helps to achieve greater acoustic insulation, such as Windows Near You Acoustic. This glass can be combined with Windows Near You  glass to also obtain excellent thermal insulation.

Improve security against theft or impact

If the security of your home is something you are concerned about, Windows Near You laminated glass is the solution to this problem. The laminate on the outer glass will protect from possible attacks, accidents or theft; and the laminate on the inner glass will protect users in case of accidental impacts.

The size of windows matters

The size of your windows is also important in finding the right glass. As mentioned before, Windows Near You glass will be the best option for large windows or windows with high exposure to sunlight, and Windows Near You Sun glass for the most common sizes.

Let yourself be advised by our configurator

All these points are some important factors when choosing a glass for your windows. Having some knowledge about them will be very helpful when going to an installer and starting the purchase process. Do not hesitate to consult and let yourself be guided by our professionals .

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