What information do you need to give when you want to replace your windows?

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What information do you need to give when you want to replace your windows?

Decided to replace your windows? Wise decision. She started to research and investigate a little on the internet independently and now has several questions that she would like to see clarified. The time has come to turn to a professional to share your doubts, obtain more information, and ask for a quote.

To receive the best possible advice and the most appropriate budget, we advise you to review some aspects before meeting with a professional replacement windows company:

1. Know your needs

You must be clear about the benefits you can get from a window replacement, as there are different types of glass suitable for your needs and expectations.

Perhaps you want to reduce the heat that enters your home or the cold that sneaks in through the window. You may want to reduce heating or air conditioning bills. Perhaps you are looking for isolation from outside noise so you can enjoy the silence inside your home. You may be looking for extra protection against theft and intrusions.

Above all, remember that it is an investment for years to come, don’t settle for an inefficient window, and don’t hesitate to ask what different options can help you increase the performance that best suits your needs.

2. Weather conditions

It is essential to consider the orientation of the windows in your home, as those exposed to solar radiation need a reinforced thermal insulating glass with solar control and high transmission of natural light.

3. Size and number of windows

Before making your appointment with a professional, define the size of your project, and take note of the size they have or the number of windows you need.

Measure the length and width of your windows and write the measurements on a small drawing to avoid misunderstandings. Identify the fixed and movable parts of each window, the type, and direction of opening (sliding, hinged, tilting, and tilting), whether or not you have a blind box, and, if so, whether you want to keep it.

4. Aesthetics

Suppose you live in an emblematic neighborhood or building. In that case, you will need to ensure that the aesthetics you are looking for do not detract from the general appearance of the building or street (for example, the color of the window frame or the appearance of the glass), and, if they do, make sure you get the necessary authorization from the condominium association. You will also need to find out if specific regulations exist in your municipality or on your street concerning this matter.

5. Opening system

Depending on the room where you want to replace the windows, opening systems are more recommendable than others.

For example, tilt-and-turn windows allow you to choose between side opening or folding. In this way, it is possible to open the window partially, allowing a small air intake or whole opening when desired.

Some other aspects or elements can make opening difficult such as the location of other windows, walls, doors, furniture, and others. Or that opening the window does not impede circulation or takes up much space from the compartment.

6. Inquire about guarantees

When clarifying your doubts and choosing your windows with a professional, do not forget to ask about the window guarantees, its components (insulating glass unit, frames, hardware), and installation.

Ask for the CE-marked window documentation to comply with current building requirements and regulations.

Demand that the budget is well detailed and detailed, indicating the brand of the profiles, the brand and model of the insulating glass and all the glasses, the type of hardware, the type of blind and motorization, etc.

There will always be parts of the budget that you may not understand or seem confusing. Do not forget that glasses can sometimes be described with abbreviations such as the following:

7. See and touch

Many of the professionals listed on this site have the demonstrator. This tool simulates the exposure conditions of a window and the comfort provided by the high-performance glass with thermal insulation and solar control in a situation with a standard.

8. Don’t hesitate to ask for multiple quotes

Don’t be in doubt. Window replacement is a significant investment that you want to last for a long time, so you should decide as safely as possible. Therefore, if the first professional you consulted did not give you enough information, you can always contact another or visit other establishments.

Consult other professionals and compare the information given to you. Make comparisons to get the window that best fits your needs and has the best quality. Sometimes, making a small extra investment pays off. It can make a difference and achieve a noticeable improvement in the comfort and well-being you feel in your home and more significant energy savings.

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