Eight Things I Wish I’d Known Before Buying My Windows

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Eight Things I Wish I’d Known Before Buying My Windows

Due to lack of time or knowledge, mistakes can be made when choosing new windows. We recommend that you learn from the experience of others to get the most out of the change.

Suppose you are about to remodel or have decided to take advantage of the support for replacing windows and improving the exterior of the building that some public administrations propose. In that case, you have many doubts about measures, materials, finishes, or types of window closures. . Don’t panic. We’re here to help. Finding efficient windows can save you on heating and air conditioning consumption and improve the comfort of your home.

# 1: Not just any glass

A window’s glass takes up about 80% of the surface, so no window can be good if the glass isn’t. Today, the range of possibilities is extensive. There is high-performance insulating glass to insulate from cold and heat, solar control glass, low-emission glass, acoustic glass to insulate noise, or laminated glass to improve safety. We shouldn’t think carefully about what kind of glass we want for the next window, simply because not just any drink will do.

#2: fragile points

Even if the glass is the most suitable for your needs, windows have weaknesses that must be considered to improve their effectiveness, such as the shutter box. In the past, these shutter boxes were designed to function rather than insulate, so cold, damp, pollution, or noise would pass through them. To solve this problem, blind boxes have appeared on the market with different insulating materials that offer a more efficient solution. There is no point in installing an efficient window if we do not insulate the shutter box properly.

#3: Insulate yourself properly from the cold and heat

When buying windows for our home, we have to think about every day of the year, how they will react to the weather and how the cold or heat will affect us. Fortunately, it is now possible to find high-performance glass that improves insulation in winter and protects from heat in summer, which considerably improves the insulation of the entire window.

I have lived in many student apartments where the windows were not always in good condition. I don’t think there’s anything worse than feeling cold in winter or extreme heat in summer, so when I decided to buy a house, I chose the one with the best windows and preserved comfort and temperature throughout the year. It was what I invested the most in the remodeling, but I’m saving on the air conditioning in the house.

#4: Frames and materials

Currently, there are quality window frames for virtually every budget. When talking about metalwork for outdoors, it is essential to analyze the thermal transmittance of each material and its useful life or maintenance.

Both PVC, aluminum, and wood can be a good solution in terms of performance and have pretty different finishes. They are very resistant materials with long service life. If we opt for an aluminum window, it must have a thermal bridge break (RPT), as it substantially improves its efficiency.

#5: Count on a professional installer

Not everyone can correctly install a window. There are specific parameters, knowledge, and processes for which it is better to have a professional or company from which we have references that offer us guarantees, information about possibilities, maintenance, etc……….…

“My boyfriend had a friend who was a ‘handyman,’ earning his living working as a bricklayer. He offered us a good price for replacing our windows but didn’t issue an invoice. Now I have moisture in several windows because they were not installed correctly and there is no one to complain to, my boyfriend’s “friend” does not answer the phone. We have already started legal proceedings.”

#6: Sound insulation

This is one of the most overlooked aspects when replacing windows with more efficient ones. We don’t consider the importance of soundproofing until we hear the bar under our house, the conversations of people passing by, the cars, or the traffic jams. Windows also isolate city noise… It’s essential to think about what happens outside when we replace them.

“I replaced my windows last year. During the work on my house, I only looked for double glazing. Now I have a neighbor who sings Beyoncé songs all day under my window. I didn’t know about the existence of acoustic glass. If it were today, that would be the one I would choose. ”

#7: Maintain architectural balance

The facades of the buildings belong to the condominium. We share this element with our neighbors, and we must avoid “breaking” the architectural balance. When choosing new windows, choose the predominant color of the frame, avoiding finishes that compromise the whole. Suppose it is necessary to make any changes that substantially affect the facade. In that case, it is advisable to ask the condominium for authorization, avoiding complaints that could give rise to legal issues.

#8: Choose the cheapest window

Fortunately, today there is a wide range of possibilities for materials, glass, finishes, window closures, or designs for all pockets. Buying an efficient window is an important decision, and it is not advisable to get carried away by bargains or mega promotions. It is convenient to assess your needs and choose the best value for money. Windows are an element with which we will live, with which we share inclement weather, rain, snow, or heat, and we want them to maintain their performance over the years, sometimes for a lifetime.

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