About Us

Windows Near You was born with the mission of putting the customer at the center of its activities. Always concerned with your well-being, we work daily for the comfort and safety of your family and home.

With more than 1000 satisfied customers who prove our work and dedication, we have a wide range of interior or exterior solutions – such as windows, interior or exterior doors, winter gardens or parquet – for you to discover a world that transforms the home of your dreams into reality.

We aim to unite Aesthetics, Comfort and Savings, in order to provide an excellent and continuous service, from the moment you visit our showroom to after-sales assistance, accompanying you at all times.

A team dedicated to you

We have a team of specialized employees who guarantee a professional, well-executed and safe work. And as we know the importance of having just one point of contact, at Windows Near You you will only have one person dedicated to you and your project, so that you never feel helpless. Analyzing your specific needs, we tailor the project to what you want and need, clarifying all your doubts with objectivity and impartiality.

For Unique Projects

No two projects are the same. We have a team that daily looks for effective, modern solutions that combine design with technology, while guaranteeing maximum satisfaction. And if you are undecided on which choice is best for you, our technical department will study and present customized solutions for safety, efficiency, thermal and acoustic insulation of excellence.

With the maintenance you deserve

As a complementary service, we provide the necessary maintenance for your new products and ensure that all good practices are applied to ensure greater durability. Selection and assembly are just as important as proper maintenance – so to make your life easier, we can do it for you, so you don’t have to worry about more than you need.


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